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Photo of website author and baker, Selina PawlakWelcome to “Can I Have This” – a website created out of both necessity and a desire to share and connect with other families who cannot have gluten or dairy.

This all started when our youngest daughter was diagnosed with a dairy allergy when she was about a year old. Six months later, after a period in which she would frequently cry during meals, had a horrible case of eczema, and just didn’t seem to be thriving, we had her tested and found out that she was also gluten intolerant…

“Now what?” we thought. Eliminating dairy is tricky enough, but eliminating gluten as well is really challenging. All of a sudden, I had to shop and cook COMPLETELY differently. I spent hours in the grocery and specialty stores, pored through cookbooks, and finally found (and created) recipes that she could and would eat. Good thing too, since we later found out her daddy, mommy and big sister are gluten-intolerant as well.

Five years later, I am still shopping and cooking gluten-free and dairy-free. It has been an interesting experience, and in general, I think we eat better than we ever did before. Not all of it was easy, so I thought it might be helpful to pass on a few pearls of wisdom to (hopefully) make it easier for others.

I hope you enjoy the blog, get some good ideas, share your recipes, and eat and live healthy.

– Selina